Role of CBOs in Resilience Building: Good Practices and Challenges

in Amita Singh, et. al. (eds.) Development and Disaster Management: A Study of the North Eastern States of India. Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore, 2018, 281-299. DOI:

This paper examines the role of community based organisations in resilience building within the North Eastern states of India. There is a plethora of indigenous practices and value systems in the largely egalitarian societies of the North East that help them in facing disasters without much assistance from the state. To demonstrate this, value systems as well as a practice among the Kukis known as tomngaina and khankho will be taken as a reference point to show how CBOs are obliged under these value systems to assist anyone within the community in the face of any kinds of disasters. The study assesses the historical past as well as from 2015 Manipur landslide, the 2016 Manipur Earthquake and hailstorms, particularly to prove or disprove the role played by community’s cultural value systems and practices in building resilience. However, among the ethnically divided and antagonistic groups in the region they are so bound to restrict to themselves, within their own ethnic groups, despite their value systems. An attempt is also made to highlight the challenges that CBOs are confronted with in disaster resilience building.

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