The Kuki Tribes of Meghalaya: A Study of their Socio-Political Problems

in R. Padhi (ed.). Current Tribal Situation: Strategies for Planning, Welfare and Sustainable Development. Delhi: Mangalam Publications, 2013, pp. 85-93. DOI:


The post-Cold War period witnessed a spurt in ethnicity and ethnic nationalism. This often leads to ethnic mobilisation and movements, and even to the extent of extremism. The Northeastern states of India were no exception to this wave. The region witnessed increasing ethnicisation of ethnies and the resulting rise of problems between the ethnic groups. The extreme forms of such ethnicisation were ethnic conflicts such as the infamous Kuki-Naga conflict of the 1990s, the Hmar-Dimasa conflict, Bodo-Santhal conflict etc. of the new millennium. Ethnic minorities in Meghalaya too, at different times, faced problems in their relationships. This paper primarily deals with the problems faced by ethnic Kukis in Meghalaya by the turn of the twentieth century.

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